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How To Check If Your Account Has Been Compromised In Data Breach

How To Check If Your Account Has Been Compromised In Data Breach

This year we have seen some big security breach events with MNCs like Twitter which make us think are we really safe on the internet or not? Some people had their accounts compromised in these data breaches and have no idea that their login details are dark web for sale.

If you think like why should you care then let me explain to you why should if your account is compromised in the data breach and hackers have your login details for one of your accounts and you are using the same email and password for all of your accounts then it’s most likely they will have access to most of your accounts and some of your accounts like shopping site accounts might have your credit or debit card details save and they have access to that as well. Now think again why each and every account matters. Moreover, do not use the same password for all accounts.

Check If Your Details Have Been leaked in Data Breach

All you need is a web browser to check and it’s free to see your details about the breach .

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  1. First of all, go to Have I Been Pwned? site. you will see an interface asking you to enter your email or phone number so it can check in the database if you have been breached or not.
Data Breach

2. Enter your email or phone number and click on pwned? as shown in the image above.

3. After that you will see if your email has been breached in any data breach or not.

Data Breach

4. If your email has been breached it will show you something like shown in the image above with the number of data breaches your email has been compromised in. You can scroll down to see the details of the compromised data that was breached for details like what has been breached example email, username, password, etc.

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Data Breach

5. That’s all, Next step is to log in to these sites and change your password, use a strong password, if possible enable Multi-Factor Authentication for these accounts.

If you have any questions let us know in the comment box. Hoping this post was helpful.

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