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How To Lock Google Chrome Browser With Password

How To Lock Google Chrome Browser With Password

Privacy is big concern nowadays and if you are using shared computer with family or at work then it is little bit challenging to maintain. In this post, I will be showing you how to lock chrome browser in windows 10 or earlier in easy setups.

What is Google Chrome ?

In case you do not know what is Google chrome, it is one of the most popular web browser developed by Google. Web browser is used to surf website and navigate to different websites. Other popular web browsers are Firefox and Edge by Microsoft. You can click here to download Google Chrome. So let’s lock google chrome browser by following upcoming steps.

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How To Lock Google Chrome Browser With Password ?

Before starting setting up password on google chrome we need to add browser lock extension for chrome.

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Browser lock in extension or click here to go directly Browser Lock on extension page. Once you are on Extension’s page you will see a option saying Add to Chrome, click on it.
  2. Now you will see a pop asking Add ” Browser Lock | Lock your Browser” ? just click on Add extension .
lock chrome browser

3. Once you click on Add Extension you will be redirected onto a new page asking for set password for your browser. You will see option like New Password and Email Address as shown in image below.

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lock chrome browser

4. Now enter you your password and enter email address incase you forget your password you can reset it. Once you enter password and email hit on Save and you will be redirected to another page as shown in image below.

lock chrome browser

5 .Here you can do some basic settings like enable Dark Mode and change password or email. Now when ever you are going to open chrome you will have to enter the password that you have setup to use chrome browser.

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lock chrome browser

6. You will see a screen as shown in above when you are going to re open chrome after setting up password .

7. That’s all, you have successfully setup the password for chrome and you can have control who can use chrome or not.

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Note: To disable password for chrome you can always go to chrome extension and then remove this extension or disable the lock from there. You can use same extension idea for browser lock firefox, for firefox we have Add-ons like extensions for chrome.

If you need post on setting up lock for Firefox please let us know in comments.

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