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How To Secure A PDF File

The need of encryption

By encrypting the content, you can increase the security of a message or file. It is the most effective approach to conceal communication using encoded information when the sender and the recipient hold the key to decipher data. To encrypt a message, you need the appropriate key, and you need that key to decrypt it as well. The idea isn’t all that unlike from how kids create secret code phrases and other covert means of communication that only them can decipher. If someone tries to pry without the right keys, they won’t be able to interpret the message, much like when parties exchange encrypted messages.

Even if you have generated backups or strong passwords, the main reason to encrypt the data saved on your computer and other devices when it comes to your data is to protect your privacy, your data, and intellectual property. This is also referred to as endpoint encryption, and it basically adds an additional layer of security for the private data kept on your computer and other devices, data stored on portable media like USB, CD, or DVD, or certain files and folders.

Despite the fact that encryption cannot magically guarantee security, it can be utilised to safeguard a user’s identity and privacy. By employing properly configured crypto systems, we can conceal our data if we are ever being watched, whether intentionally or not. Bruce Schneier, a cryptographer and expert in security and privacy, claims that automatic encryption functions best. It shouldn’t be a feature you just activate when you’re doing something you think is important to protect; it should be activated by default for everything.

Unauthorized individuals can be stopped from accessing and reading a PDF file by locking it with a password. A password-protected PDF can assist maintain the secrecy of any secret information in the document. This is also helpful if you have a PDF that you are selling or making just available to members. A PDF can also be restricted from being sent to other individuals using security envelopes and digital rights management, or DRM, software. The file cannot be transferred to others without their consent, even if the user is permitted to see the information.

Data Sharing in daily life

In our everyday life, we share data in the form of pdf, excels, etc. So to make the pdf secure is a knowledge to must have in your stack as this would provide more security to the data in the pdf. Today we will learn how to achieve that in just 6 steps and it won’t take more than 2 minutes. Let’s get started..

Protect your important pdf with security password. Locking PDFs with
“I LOVE PDF” is secure.

It is also availaible for various platforms:

Desktop : iLovePDF Desktop

Download the iLovePDF Desktop App to work with your favorite PDF tools from your Windows PC or Mac. Get a lightweight PDF App that helps you process heavy PDF tasks offline in seconds. It will help you to Process files with maximum security and privacy locally on your computer.

Mobile : ILovePDFMobile

Turn your mobile device or tablet into a portable PDF editor. Keep projects moving and stay productive by working with your favorite PDF tools anytime, anywhere.

Support for both Android and IOS

Let me walk you through the process using a browser, which doesn’t require any downloading and will get you going immediately.

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Steps to be followed secure a pdf

Lets go to ILovePDF

Click on select PDF file

Choose your pdf file from the system you want to encrypt

After choosing and successful upload of file you will see a menu like this

Now enter the password to encrypt this pdf with

Download the encrypted pdf


Amazing isn’t it, how easy it was to encrypt your pdf. Having password protected pdfs makes your data more confidential and only accessible to the people you share password with, enabling you to have more control on your shared data.

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