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Best Way Send Confidential Emails In 2022

Best Way Send Confidential Emails In 2022

Gmail is no doubt one of the most popular email service providers. Today’s internet is incomplete without emails and we use to send all types of data through emails and sometimes we end up sending the data that is confidential or proprietary information which no doubt you do not want to share with anyone except the intended recipient of your email. These days cyber threats are big concerns not just for businesses even for individuals so google introduced a new feature named gmail confidential mode.

By reading this post you will have an idea how you could add a little measure of protection to your confidential email data with gmail confidential mode so next time when you send an email to some you will be confident no one else can read that email even though other persons account get compromised. Basically you will be able to send an expiry date for your message and google will send an one time pass code SMS to user without that no one can read the email.

Lets start with confidential emails. Follow some simple steps shown below.

Send Confidential Emails From Phone

  1. Open Gmail application on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on Compose button to send an email.
  3. Enter the recipient email and write you email.
  4. Click on three vertical dots ( menu ) on Compose screen as shown in image below.
How To Send Confidential Emails from Gmail

5. Now you will see an option named Confidential Mode as shown in image below.

How To Send Confidential Emails from Gmail

6. Now you will see some option like set expiry date and require passcode. Choose according to your need or wish and click on Save.

How To Send Confidential Emails from Gmail

7. After save you can send the email. They will receive a pass code to access email in separate email or sms. Without entering the Pass code they will not able able to see your confidential email.

For Desktop or Laptop

1. Open

2. Click on Compose and you will see an interface as shown in image below.

How To Send Confidential Emails from Gmail

3. Enter all the details like recipient email and all. Then click on lock sign with it will show the same options like set expiry date and passcode as explained above set these options accordingly and hit Send.

That’s it

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Thanks for reading. Hope this was helpful and if yes then share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more posts.

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