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How To Create Password Protected And Decomposable Email

How To Create Password Protected And Decomposable Email

Hello Guys….

I am back once again with another awesome trick . We all use email services for different purposes . Most commonly used email service is Gmail . Today in this post , I will show you how to send Password Protected and Decomposable in gmail. These awesome features are provide by Gmail. You can set the time when email should be decompose and many more . So lets start without wasting time anymore.

Steps :-

Read the steps below to know how to use this Gmail feature. The steps I am showing below is for Android users . Moreover, these steps might be different for iPhone .

1. First of all open Gmail in your mobile and you will see typically Gmail interface as shown in image below.

2. Now click on Compose Email Icon ( + sign on the bottom right hand side. ) and you will see an interface as shown in image below.

3. Now write your email and enter the recipient’s email address in To section after that click on 3 Vertical Dots (on the top right hand side. ) after that you will see couple of options as shown in image below.

4. Now click on Confidential Mode and you will see an interface as shown below.

5. Now You Can See an option Set Expiry below this you can Expires in 1 week click on it to change the timer ( when this time expires your Email will be decomposed ).

6. Required Passcode will set a password on your email and that password will automatically created and sent by Gmail to Recipient .

7. Now Click on Save and send the email .

8. Done !! That’s it …

NOTE :- Few steps might be different in your case because of different version of Gmail app . Video tutorial of this post will be available soon. Download our Android app to stay in touch with us .

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