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How To Hide Any Drive In Windows Os Using Command Prompt

Hlo Everyone,

We can hide our personal files and folder in windows pc . but now everyone know how to unhide these files and folder . There are many files and folders that we want to hide but now hide folders and files is not a good way to protect your privacy so now m back with new trick . In this trick i will help u to hide a drive (eg. E or F drive In windows pc ) . so lets start follow the steps below.

Hide The Drive

1. Open command prompt with ‘ Run as Administrator ’ permissions.

Hide Drive

2.Type the command “Diskpart” in your command prompt. If any popup appears then, just press yes and it will open up a new window in your command prompt which will look something like this:

Hide Drive

3. Then type List Volume and you can see that all the volumes are listed down after your press enter.Looking closely, you can see that all the volumes have a volume number like1, 2, 3, 4 etc. and each volume is assigned a letter such as C, D, E, F etc.

Hidden drives In Windows

4. Now remember the volume number you want to hide. In my case, I want to hide my newly created volume assigned the letter F and it has volume number 4.

5. Now type Select Volume 4 and press enter. (Your volume number could be different than mine in this case). Once you’ve selected a volume, you will also get a message.

Hidden drive

6. In this next step, we are going to hide the volume 4 or the volume you have selected in your case. In my case, for volume 4, the letter is ‘F’. In your case, the letter could be C, D, E, F etc.
                    So, recognize the associated letter with the drive and follow the last steps below:-

   Type remove letter F in our command prompt.

7. And it’s done. The selecteddrive has been hidden successfully. Let me go and check it out. Oh, here is a screenshot of the same.

Totally hidden drive

To Unhide The Same Drive

To unhide any drive in Windows using command prompt, follow the steps below:-

1. Close your command prompt and follow the first four steps shown above (until select volume 4).

2. Now, type assign letter F (your drive letter in this case) and then press enter. Now your hidden drive is up and working in no time.

Drive not Hidden

With these commands executed, you can simply hide any drive in Windows using Command prompt to protect your personal and sensitive data.

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